Eteri Samsonidze

Full Time Lawyer,

Part Time Storyteller...

Little bit about me and the idea behind the book…


Since I was a little girl 👧 I had a passion and a knack for storytelling… I remember being just 5 or 6 years old, standing in the middle of the playground, surrounded by my friends and neighborhood kids. Their faces filled with curiosity and wanderlust as I told them story after story, poem after poem… “Tell us another one!” they said, “You tell it so well!” they said. I wanted to tell stories forever… And, I had so, so many to tell… 📚


I absolutely loved telling stories, to friends and strangers alike; but there was one thing that gave me even more pleasure: WRITING. 📝


Sitting in my room, late at night, after having finished all of my schoolwork, putting my OWN thoughts down on a crisp sheet of paper, was a feeling unlike any other. All I needed was a desk, a pen ✏️ and an inspiration… In that moment I was free to be who I wanted. I could let my creativity run wild. It was a dream, ✨ and I never felt happier or more alive as I did when I wrote… 💃


So, I wrote many poems and short stores, inspired by lines I read in books, 📖 people I ran across in life, or just my own dreams and imagination. I found creative writing to be my most favorite, most pleasurable way of self-expression throughout both middle and high school. It was my outlet, and it made me feel on top of the world! 🌎


Later down the road, when I attended college, 🎓 as well as throughout law school and in my professional carrier, 💼 👠 I had many chances to write; and I did. I wrote; a lot. But somehow, it did not feel the same... It felt too structured, too unimaginative, too predictable!


Then, one day, I realized that it was creative writing that was still my passion after so many years! I started remembering how I felt as a young girl, when I wrote short stories and poetry; and I wanted that feeling again! That feeling of total freedom to run with my story wherever my imagination took me;  to be able to express my true self… That is what I had been missing for a long time...


So, I thought, where could I do that better than in children’s books! 😍 In my opinion, the most free, creative style of writing lives in children’s books, because children express themselves in the most open, real ways, unencumbered by fear of social judgment or any societal pressures, norms and expectations. Kids let their minds run wild at every opportunity, and best children’s picture books help them do that! 📚 There is no limit to what a child can create in his or her head, and there is no limit to what can happen in a children’s book! 💖


Long story short, I decided to channel my creative energy into writing children’s books…




Seeing so many children in the United States being dangerously overweight and unhealthy as a result of poor eating habits gave me an idea to write a children’s book on healthy diet and proper eating habits. 🍏 🍲 🍒  When I searched the internet for books about health and nutrition, and specifically for children's books about eating healthy, I noticed that best children's picture books on this topic discussed dangers of junk food consumption, but none talked about how harmful oversized portions and overeating can be as well. That's when the idea for "Earl, the Hungry Squirrel" was born...💡I My goal was to make it easier and more fun for parents to teach their kids about eating right and inspire them to take good care of their health from an early age. And, I believed “Earl, the Hungry Squirrel” would do just that.


First, I wrote the book in rhyme because I knew that rhyming and repetition help children pay attention 👀 👂 and retain information for longer periods of time. ⌛️ Second, I chose to give each of the organs in the book his/her own distinct character and personality, and to have each “Buddy” speak directly with the main character, Earl, in order to make the story more memorable. And lastly, I found a very talented artist who made the book come alive with hilarious, adorable and colorful🎨  illustrations, making it both fun and engaging for children to follow. 




Finally, I want to thank you for visiting my website! 😊 While books about health and nutrition for adults abound, children's books about eating healthy are quite rare. “Earl, the Hungry Squirrel” will make an excellent gift 🎁 for any kid, parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle and teacher in your life.  I hope you will enjoy reading the book as much as I did writing it. 💕


I am available for author visits and would love to connect with you. So be sure to send me a message 💬 with any questions, comments and/or special requests. I’d be happy to answer! 


P.S. This is my first Children’s book, but I have many, many more fun stories to tell… So, stay tuned! 🔜