About Earl
Meet Earl! A gluttonous squirrel who loves to eat...A LOT. He eats anywhere and everywhere (yes, even inside the fridge) every chance he gets. As a result of Earl's poor eating habits, his organs ("Buddies") get sick and decide to run away to teach Earl a lesson. Earl becomes ill, suffers greatly, and finally begs them to come back, promising to change.
The Inspiration 
What inspired me to write this book was seeing a culture of overeating in America and around the world. I believe this is a topic that needs to be addressed, and yet I have not come across a children's book that does that. There are plenty of children's books about healthy eating discussing dangers of junk food, but oftentimes, poor portion control can be a problem as well.



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Why Earl?

"Earl, the Hungry Squirrel" is a perfectly rhymed picture book with beautiful illustrations that both parents and children will enjoy reading. It will help introduce the little ones to different digestive organs and teach kids to pay attention to how they feel after meals (feeling of fullness, discomfort, stomach pain, etc). This book is perfect to teach children about consequences of bad eating habits and get them started on a healthy path by inspiring kids to see their organs as friends who should be treated with attention, love, care and respect.

Mrs. Liver 




Earl's organs

Sister Kidneys 


aka "Buddies"

Mr. Stomach


Mr. Colon 

Mr. Spleen


"My two little kiddos loved this book. Teaches kids about emotions, biology and the importance of healthy eating habits. As a parent of a very picky eater, this book helps children understand the consequences of bad eating habits and encourages implementation of a more healthy lifestyle through the eye-catching illustrations. I highly recommend this book!"

Liza Z, Amazon Reviewer 


"My Children love this book!! It's well-written, colorful, fun and easy to understand!! Interesting way to introduce all body organs and their functions to the little ones! I highly recommend buying this book! It makes a great present that's informative, educational and fun for any child."

Tina G, Amazon Reviewer


"This is a great book and can definitely help your kids make healthy choices. It’s a perfect introduction of human anatomy for young kids. My kid now knows the names of digestive organs, thanks to the author of this book. If we had more books like this one, our kids could be a lot healthier than what they are today."

Marianna L, Amazon Reviewer